With the MiR Shelf Lift top module, the MiR600 and MiR1350 can autonomously connect to a cart, transport and deliver it wherever you need. It ensures a flexible transportation of your heavy loads of different sizes and your pallets, without the need of a pallet rack. One robot can now pick up an deliver multiple carts, wherever you need it.


Optimize transportation of heavy loads without changing facility layout
With the MiR Shelf Lift top module, the MiR600/1350 picks up, transports and deliver carts autonomously, freeing up employees for more valuable tasks.


There is no need to change the facility layout when operating the MiR robots as the function of wires, magnets or QR codes is replaced by sophisticated navigation software. Simply download CAD files of the facility to the robot or use its laser scanners to create a map – that’s all it takes to ensure a fast and cost-efficient implementation.


The MiR Shelf Lift is designed to lift up to 500/1000 kg.


The weight of any top module mounted on the robot is part of the total payload.