Digital Workspace Solutions
Putting people first
We believe that people come first and building Intelligence Augmentation (IA) Workspace solutions that enable true collaboration and securely connect people, applications, data and devices together, deliver a great user experience, every time.
Improving experiences, Enabling outcomes


People first, technology second. Empower your people, making them feel confident and trusted.

Workstyle flexibility

Allowing people to work the way they want. The freedom to design their own work-life balance and increase their productivity.
Successful robotic endpoint management solutions rely on the expertise and knowledge of your people – supported by Intelligence augmentation (IA) workspace technology that enables them to do their job seamlessly and enjoy doing it. The key aspects that underpin a secure Intelligence augmentation Workspace strategy are:

Employee and Employer Choice

The right tools to work well. By achieving a balance we can meet different employee needs and satisfy the needs of the organisation too.

Collaborative workspaces

Allowing people to work together brilliantly. Enable real-time, immersive collaboration, between and across teams and multiple locations.
Intelligence Augmentation Workspace Health Assessment
We put people first and our technology experts are ready to help you understand how to reach your workspace fitness goals by first, understanding your people.

Never has the time been better to leverage technology that improves user experiences and enables outcomes, based on: Platform & OS, Devices, Applications, Collaboration Tools, Data & Security & Compliance




Strong partner relationships have always been at the very heart of Robot Center and we believe are fundamental to offering an objective and expert approach, to deliver best-in-class solutions for you.
“The right balance. The right outcomes. Our Digital Workspace solutions bring together the right technology to meet the needs of your people and your organisation.”
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