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MiR EU Pallet Lift 600
Increase efficiency by automating your internal transportation of pallets with the MiR600 and the MiR EU Pallet Lift 600 top module that autonomously picks up and delivers pallets throughout your facility with high speed.
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Centralized control of robots
MiR Fleet offers centralized control of robots from a single station, throughout all your facility, thanks to an intuitive web-based interface.


Easy programming of the robots for different operations
It is easy to program and control a robot fleet, including robots with different top modules, Hooks or other accessories. Once the programming phase is over, the system manages the priorities and selects the most suitable robot to the operation that needs to be carried out, based on position and availability.

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Designated use

For autonomous pickup and unload of EUR-pallets


RAL 9005 / Signal Black


Specifications may vary based on local conditions and application setup


1 200 mm | 47.2 in


87 mm | 3.4 in

Total height in lifted position

150 mm | 5.9 in

Lifting height

60 mm | 2.4 in


Maximum lift payload

500 kg | 1 100 lbs


Number of lift cycles (with maximum payload)

Minimum 90 000

Lifting speed

Up: 4.0 s

Down: 3.2 s


EUR-pallets dimensions

1 200 x 800 mm | 47.2 x 31.5 in

Pallet production specifications

EN 13698-1

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