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MiR Fleet
Optimize your internal transportation with a fleet of MiR robots and easy, centralized, web-based configuration. Eliminate bottlenecks and downtime with 24/7 mobile robot operation throughout your facility.
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Keep robots running around the clock
Your MiR100 or MiR200 robot will never run out of power in the middle of a job. MiR Charge 24V is a fully automatic charging station that offers flexible deployment options to meet your needs.


Collaborates with MiR Fleet
The robot autonomously returns to the charging station and connects when its battery falls under established limits. It can also be programmed to regularly recharge between deliveries, such as when it returns to a stockroom or depot, which can allow the robot to run nearly continuously. MiR Charge 24V fully charges a MiR robot in about two hours. When multiple robots are deployed using MiR Fleet, the system evaluates battery levels and job loads, optimizing utilization and recharging to keep the fleet on the job around the clock.


Discreet and easy to install
MiR Charge 24V is easy and unobtrusive to install in your facility. It uses standard power outlets and its low profile and small footprint give you additional flexibility in how you power and deploy your mobile robot.

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Centralized control of a fleet of robotsUp to 100 robots
Order handlingPrioritization and handling of orders among multiple robots
Battery level controlMonitoring of robot battery levels and automatic handling of recharging
Traffic controlCoordination of critical zones with multiple robot intersections
DisclaimerSpecifications may vary based on local conditions and application setup


MiRFleet PCComes as a physical PC box
MiRFleet Server SolutionFor installation in existing server system


PCIntel® Maple Canyon NUC
CPUIntel® Core™ i3-7100U Processor (3M Cache, 2.40 GHz)
RAM8 GB DDR4-2400
Permanent storageMinimum 128 GB SSD 2.5 in
Operating systemLinux Ubuntu 16.04
Network capabilities1 Gbit Ethernet, no wireless option
Required connections110 V or 230 V power socket and Ethernet network cable
Installation requirementsMust run on the same physical network as the robots


Installation file size3 GB
MiRFleet update file size~300 MB
CPUDual core processor with minimum 2.1 GHz clock
RAMMinimum 8 GB
Permanent storageMinimum 128 GB SSD
Supported operating systemsUbuntu 18.04 LTS, Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS, Debian 9, CentOS 7, Redhat Enterprise Linux 7.4
Virtualization softwareDocker CE/EE 18.09.01 or higher


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