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MiR Software
Seize the potential of your AMRs with future-proof software

The new MiR software 3.0, which is soon to be released, is next generation software that helps you get maximum throughput of your AMRs. It enables your MiR robots to navigate efficiently – individually and in fleets up to 100 robots.


The navigation of AMRs is better than ever with MiR Software: the robots can reroute smoothly, handle very large maps, switch maps fast, and interact easily thanks to an enhanced user-interface and planner that optimize driving patterns and avoid bottlenecks. With the market’s most intuitive interface, you and your employees will be empowered to start automating workflows in no time with a low total cost of ownership.

Your advantages with MiR Software 3.0
Increased robot performance

The MiR robots complete missions faster thanks to an improved robot planner. The robot re-calculates routes faster, they switch missions faster, and they are able to support maps of very large facilities better.

Enhanced cybersecurity

Software 3.0 comes with enchanced cybersecurity according to IEC 62443 cybersecurity standard for industrial automation systems including.

  • software code signing
  • extended robot authentication
  • update of the robot operating system

Even better ease of use

MiR has always been acknowledged for the ease of use of our robots, that allows employees to interact easily with the robots. The new interface is even more intuitive than previous versions and ensures great user control, for daily users and for technical staff that are programming the robots.
Operate your AMRs efficiently with a user-friendly UI

MiR Software 3.0 comes with a completely redesigned user-interface to enhance the overall ease of use. The UI has different user levels and is simple to setup from desktop computers, smartphones and tablets, where employees can access different dashboards or summon the robots with a single click.


In this way, we empower companies to get started with automation in a simple way. It takes less than an hour to set up simple tasks for a robot via the new interface. For more complex tasks that might require advanced features and settings, the UI still enables employees to easily and efficiently operate the robots. When combined with the added efficiency of the robots, users quickly realize a low total cost of ownership of our AMR.

Manage your fleet of MiR robots efficiently

MiR’s software consists of two main components – the on-robot software that governs an AMR’s individual movements and the centralized fleet control software – MiR Fleet. MiR Fleet is the brain that makes advanced AMR-based internal logistics possible; it controls the traffic of up to 100 MiR robots, it has an open API which enables you to integrate MiR’s robots into your other communication systems, such as ERP or WMS systems, and much more.


It’s easy to get started with MiR Fleet, and once your company has taken that crucial first step, you’ll never look at your fleet the same way again.

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