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Idec – MT1A-W250

Product Description

This product, “MiR Smart Carry Series MT1A-W250” is used as a top module for MiR100 or MiR250. MT1A-W250 mounted on MiR can carry and transport either specified or customized carts. By opening the side bars of the MT1A-W250, it docks and transports the cart, and detaches it by closing the side bars. It is equipped with a touch panel, making it possible for the users to check remaining battery and its status, open/close sidebars, and mission instructions.

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Technical details:

Weight: 30kg

Dimensions: 867 x 690 x 104 mm

Height of MiR with MT1A-W250: 426 mm (with MiR250)

Pulling force: Up to 350 kg with MiR250

HMI: 2 x E-Stop, 1 x Reset, 1 x Touch panel

Operating Voltage: 24 VDC from MiR100, 48 VDC from MiR250

IP Rating: IP20

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This application is compatible with:

  • MiR100
  • MiR250
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