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NONEAD – Shelf Carrier System CB4

Product Description

The fourth generation of NONEAD Shelf Carrier System is a multi-functional bottom traction system customized by NONEAD technology for MiR robots. As the top standard module of MiR robots, this system has the characteristics of fast installation, no need for additional programming, safety and reliability. NONEAD technology has designed a series of modular standard vehicles for the bottom traction system. These vehicles can be directly connected and used to adapt to different product sizes and weights in various industries. In addition, we also provide base carts so that users can design the upper loading platform at will, match with the NONEAD power supply signal module, and can synchronously provide power and signal for the upper platform.

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Modular installation, simple; MiR robots can be directly controlled without additional programming; double emergency stop buttons at the front and back sides to ensure safety; manual automatic switching, convenient inspection; programmable buttons to increase HCI for MiR robots; optional power supply module to supply power and signal interaction for the carts; standard modular carts that customers can deploy independently.

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This application is compatible with:

  • MiR100
  • MiR200
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