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Hyperion – Conveyor For MiR500/1000

Product Description

Our conveyors are custom engineered to your application. With standard capacities ranging from 500kg to 1000kg, however others are available. Controls package comes pre-configured with plug and play interface. Just connect the multi-pin connectors to the top of the MiR, bolt it down and you are ready to go.

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  • Programmable driver card, comes pre=programmed with standard conveyor logic
  • Two sensors for pallet detection
  • Sample mission logic for your MiR
  • Built with standard components
  • Configurable height
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Technical details:

  • 500-1000kg capacity
  • 44” x 50” roller space standard, others available
  • Polar-retroreflective pallet sensors
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This application is compatible with:

  • MiR500
  • MiR1000
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