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Hyperion – Pallet Handling Conveyor

Product Description

Hyperion’s conveyors integrate as plug-and-play additions with the MiR500, MiR600, MiR1000, and MiR1350 robot. Simply connect the included cables to the robot auxiliary ports and fasten the conveyor to the robot. Once installed, users can operate the conveyor running the provided sample mission to index a pallet in or out, or by utilizing the manual buttons to test or troubleshoot.

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Technical details:

  • Payload 500-1350 KG
  • Roller Area 42” x 50” For Standard Pallets (Custom Sizing Available)
  • Roller Spacing 3” – 6” As Needed Based On Application
  • Optional Popup Safety Stops
  • Height 16” And Up
  • Additional Driving Rollers And Sensors For Multi-product Applications
  • Customizable Controls Packages
  • Front Or Side Loading Configurations
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This application is compatible with:

  • MiR500
  • MiR600
  • MiR1000
  • MiR1350
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