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Product Description

The SECUROL100 is a unique conveyor-topmodule designed for MiR100.

The SECUROL100 was designed with traceability in mind and is ideal for industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, …

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  • Only one access point: fully protected using see-trough panels. 
  • The access point is monitored using sensors. A product cannot be removed from the conveyor without this being detected. 
  • Guiding rails for a reliable product transfer. 
  • The electrical cabinet can be found on the outside of the top-module, minimizing down-time during maintenance tasks. 
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Technical details:

 Payload: 70kg with MiR100 

  • Outside dimensions: 
  • Width: 551 mm 
  • Length: 883 mm 
  • Height: 1016 mm 
  • Roller dimensions: 
  • Height of rollers: 450 mm 
  • Roller area: 420 mm x 860 mm
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This application is compatible with:

  • MiR100
  • MiR200
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