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Gizelis – RobotSafe™

Product Description

ROBOTSAFE™ is an autonomous disinfection robot ready to work in hotels, corporate spaces, facilities, industrial spaces, warehouses, factories, hotels & resorts, distribution centers, airports and medical facilities.


RobotSafe™ has been designed to answer to the challenges of infections of our time and the COVID-19 pandemic. As an autonomous robot is cannot be infected like humans and disinfects the premises safely 24 hours/day. It is designed to help businesses to remain functional by disinfecting employees premises and contribute to safe business continuation.

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  • Smart Building: RobotSafe contributes drastically to the internal reflux of air conditioners with aerosol fog that improves air quality.
  • Dry cloud fogging technology with maximum particle diameter 10μm. As a result, the surfaces are not moistened during fogging.
  • It can be used for accurate humidity control in dry areas, as well as dust control. therefore it contributes to a healthier employee environment.
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Technical details:
  • RobotSafe is equipped with 360° Laser sensors and 3D cameras for avoiding obstacles which make it 100% safe on the move
  • Collaborative! Moves autonomously in all areas with flexibility and adaptability.
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This application is compatible with:

  • MiR100
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