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Link Devices – UV-CF

Product Description

The UV200-CF is a IAM Module designed for disinfection areas and featured for MiR100
and MIR200 robots. This module is prepared to be withdrawn when no longer needed it, so
you can deploy other tasks with MIR robot, or for demanding and continuous disinfection
operation when you need to optimize the robot capacity, changing the modules or the
robots depending on your charging needs. The UV light has 360º coverage and their
emissions crosses the walls of bacterial, viral and spore cells neutralizing them and
preventing their reproduction.
This chemical-free disinfection system provided by UV-C radiation is a reliable tool that
meets the extreme production requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, especially in
cleanroom areas of production areas.
(Patent Pending)

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  • Autonomous disinfection
  • Decreases the risk of contagion
  • Reduces infection rates
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Safe for employees
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Technical details:

Length: 880mm
Width: 545mm
Height: 1484mm
Max. Weight: 100Kg
Battery type: Li-NMC, 24VDC, 40 Ah
Maximum continuous disinfection time: 1,5 hours
UV-C wavelength/ Power: 254 nm / 496 W
Power: 1500 W
Lamps Lifetime: 16.000 hours
Depreciation at useful lifetime: 20%
Control and motion detection: Allow stop the operation in case of door opening.
Log files: Disinfection cycle information
Schedule mission: Allows delay start operation.
Close space operation: Allow operate in close space areas with door opening function
Open space operation: For operation in open spaces without door motion detection

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This application is compatible with:

Link Devices product compatibility: TP200CF; MiR product compatibility: www.link-devices.eu MIR100, MIR200
  • MiR100
  • MiR200
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