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BlueAMR – CART250

Product Description

The CART250 is an off-the-shelf cart solution for the MIR250 mobile robot with Top Shelf. Made of heavy duty 1.5 inch TSLOT extrusion, the CART250 is both easy to customize and strong enough to carry 500lbs. The CART250 is engineered to Mobile Industrial Robots’ standards for out of the box reversible, dockless mating to a MIR250 with Shelf Carrier, and may also be used in conjunction with BLUEDOCK for captured docking. If used with BLUEDOCK , the CART250 is held in place by two powerful permanent magnets when docked, and may be identified with BLUEID ID reader and presence sensed with BLUESENSE. The BLUELINK module wirelessly uplinks cart information and location to your MIR Fleet controller.

  • Package/Pallet Transport
  • Material Handling
  • Internal Logistics
  • Production Line/Assembly
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Specifications include the following:

Max Capacity: 1000 kg (2,200lbs)

Conveying speed: 10 ft/min

Standard Pallet Width: 40”

(Other widths available, contact sales for more information)

Power Requirements

Input Voltage: 110/120 VAC 60 Hz PH 1

Note: Additional options available; Wired or Wireless Communication module, Other pallet widths. Other input voltage.

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This application is compatible with:

  • MiR500
  • MiR600
  • MiR1000
  • MiR1350
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