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Alfa Test – Relative Markers

Product Description

ALFA TEST offers a complete line of relative markers with a solid structure at a affordable price.


Relative markers are used to make the robot position itself more accurately to a physical entity.

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  • Can be fabricated as welded assembly or mountable assembly
  • Solid steel structure
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Technical details:

  • VL-Marker L=650mm , w=170mm ,H=255mm Weight= 4 Kg
  • V-Marker L=286mm, w=150mm, H=255mm Weight= 2 Kg
  • L-Marker L=603mm, w=420mm, H=255mm Weight= 3.2 Kg
  • Bar-Marker L=400-750mm, w=750-1500mm, H=255mm Weight>8.2Kg
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This application is compatible with:

  • MiR100
  • MiR200
  • MiR250
  • MiR500
  • MiR600
  • MiR1000
  • MiR1350

Compatible software versions:

  • 2.xx
  • 3.xx
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