The majority of our carts and racks lock to the top module and the docking station with our patented locking mechanism. This means the system managing the robot fleet knows where the carts and racks are at all times.

Rails with rounded edges can be added to provide support for larger goods like pallets.
ROEQ safety zone footprint is built in and set up in dedicated ROEQ software that runs in MiR’s GUI. You can use several carts and racks in the same fleet, increasing the flexibility, payload, capacity and efficiency of your AMRs. If you need a solution without a docking station, we’ve got that covered as well with the S-Cart300.
The S-Cart300L for the MiR250 has been developed to work with the TML200 top module. It enables the TML200 to lift and transport payloads up to 170kg/374lbs. on the MiR250 – ideal in situations where floors have reduced traction, such as polished or dusty floors. The cart attaches to the TML200 using the centering cones which are mounted on the TML200 top module.
Robot compatibility:

ROEQ product compatibility:
TML200, TMS-C300 Ext + MiR Shelf Carrier 250 TM

170kg / 374lbs. when lifted
300kg / 661lbs. when rolled on the ground

Size (l x w x h): 790 x 800 x 423mm / 31.1″ x 31.5″ x 16.7″

  • Works with the TML200, where it can be transported in lifted position. Ideal in conditions with reduced friction.
  • Can be manually rolled away by operators
  • Pick up and drop off in free space – docking station is not required
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