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When combined with the ROEQ S-Cart1500W, this top module can transport up to 800kg with the MiR500 and MiR600 and up to 1500kg with the MiR1000 and MiR1350.
Robot compatibility:
MiR500, MiR600, MiR1000, MiR1350

ROEQ product compatibility:
S-Cart1500W, S-Cart Rails, I/O Kit 500/1000, I/O Kit 600/1350, DS Standalone

Payload of TMS-C1500 with S-Cart1500W:
MiR500/MiR600: up to 800kg/1763lbs
MiR1000/MiR1350: up to 1500kg/3307lbs

Size (l x w x h):
MiR500/MiR600: 1304 x 864 x 91mm / 51.3 x 34 x 3.6“
MiR1000/MiR1350: 1304 x 864 x 95mm / 51.3 x 34 x 3.7“

  • Substantially increases the payload potential of your MiR robot
  • Large cargo area for large loads – e.g. stringer-type US pallets
  • Traction kit included for reliable performance
  • Pick up and drop off in free space
  • Multiple carts can be used in the same setup
  • I/O Kit for connecting 3rd party equipment like light towers, etc.
  • Comes with ROEQ Assist software tool that’s fully compatible with MiR software
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