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The new ROEQ Top Module Lifter TML200 for the MiR250 is a flexible top module that can lift, transport and drop off pallets, crates and racks, as well as shelf carts. A versatile solution for transporting different types of loads with only small adjustments. For equipment and accessories designed to work with the TML200, see TML200 Forks, PR250 Pallet Rack, S-Cart300L and IO kit TML200.
Robot compatibility:

ROEQ product compatibility: PR250, TML200 Forks, S-Cart300L

Payload: 200kg/441lbs

Size (l x w): 780 x 560 x 70mm / 30.7” x 22” x 2.8”

Stroke: 40mm / 1.6”

  • Works as lifter to transport crates, pallets, racks or shelf carts
  • Lifts pallets or crates directly off a pallet rack e.g. PR250. Pallet racks can be set against a wall or work as a pickup/drop off and drive through.
  • Comes with centering cones for lifting and transporting the S-Cart300L – ideal if working on floors with reduced friction e.g. polished or dusty.
  • Cargo sensor for detecting load on module – to avoid errors at pickup/drop off
  • Mounting holes for attaching equipment – e.g. TML200 Forks for lifting pallets
  • Comes with ROEQ Assist software tool, which integrates with MiR software for an easier start up and set up
  • Easily adapted to perform multiple tasks
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