TR850 Auto for Continental AMR

We have a top roller module to suit all your conveyor solution needs.
The rollers are braked during transport which ensures safety and security of goods and people. For further safety, there are built-in barriers to protect fingers from being caught in the rollers.
GuardCom will revolutionize the way your AMRs transfer goods between stationary conveyor stations.
There are three types of built-in optical sensors:

The ROEQ TR850 Auto allows you to use your Continental IL-1200 robot to transfer heavy goods between conveyor stations of different heights.


Robot compatibility:
Continental IL-1200


ROEQ product compatibility:
GuardCom System, Side Bars, Long Cargo Kit, Height Kit

Payload: 850 kg / 1874 lbs

Stroke: 240mm / 9.4″



  • Built in scissor mechanism for automatic height adjustment
  • Two package function: can handle and deliver two packages individually
  • Flat top designed to allow transfer of wide loads
  • Side Bars and Long Cargo Kit are available for different load types
  • Height Kit is available to increase the height of the Roller to match the receiving station

See product data sheet for more specifications and drawings

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