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Environmental Policy

At Robot Center we recognise the impact we have on our environment and are committed to continuous improvement to enable us and our clients to reduce our carbon footprint and comply with all environmental legislation, codes of practice and regulatory controls. In 2017, we made a commitment to increasing our environmental initiatives and reducing our carbon footprint by partnering with the greenest energy provider in the UK’. In doing this, we have completely eliminated our carbon footprint generated by the power supply at our Manchester head office.

In addition to this, we encourage staff to reduce their individual emissions. We encourage staff and customers to participate in video conferences to reduce travel and we implement a comprehensive recycling initiative in our offices. The cloud solutions that we offer to our customers are also designed to help them to become more environmentally friendly by reducing their use of datacentres.

To embed these principles into our business, Robot Center has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) that has been verified by our external accreditor to be compliant with the international standard for Environmental Systems Management, ISO/IEC 14001. This system is a quality assurance framework that is supported by documented policies and procedures, and underpinned by the pragmatic application of business best practice.


Our recycling policy is implemented on a day to day basis throughout Robot Center’ offices. We have facilities, and encourage staff to recycle paper, plastic, cardboard and empty printer cartridges. We are also vigilant to ensure that no power is wasted. All of the lights in the building are triggered my motion sensors and our air conditioning is regularly serviced to ensure its operating efficiency. We are informed by the company that collects the recyclable material of how many bags they take per month. Combined with the periodic inspections of bins we are able to fairly accurately gauge whether we are recycling a high enough percentage of paper, plastic and cardboard.