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Lightweight, versatile cobot
The UR5e is the larger of our two light payload industrial collaborative robots. For applications that require a small-sized cobot with sufficient reach and payload, the UR5e will help you perform precise, meticulous tasks.


850 mm / 33.5 in


5 kg / 11 lbs


149 mm


18,4 kg / 45.4 lbs

Designed to improve your work
While our goal is to make automation available for anyone, anywhere, we also aim to support your journey in revolutionizing your business by enabling safe and collaborative human-robot interaction.
Get the most out of your cobot
UR Academy offers a series of step-by-step programming examples and tutorials for troubleshooting and repair tasks.

Tool Configuration

Learn how to set the tool center point (TCP), and how to adjust payload & center of gravity correctly.

Safety planes

Learn how to create and configure safety planes. A safety plane can prevent the robot from moving beyond it in normal mode, reduced mode or both; or it can trigger reduced mode.

Learn more

Visit UR Academy and browse our entire catalogue of popular topics and resources available to learn the essentials of programming a UR cobot.

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