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Enabled Robotics​

Enabled Robotics

collaborative mobile robots
The flexibility of a robot arm, mobility of an autonomous robot and integrated software for developing smart applications, the ER-FLEX is a mobile cobot (mobile collaborative robot) with easy and intuitive programming that you can unbox and get up and running in under an hour. A choice of module heights and end-of-arm tools means you can expand the range of tasks your ER-FLEX can do. Configuring the robot to your needs puts you in charge and brings you even closer to your automation goals.

Enabled Robotics History

Since 2016 Enabled Robotics has been on a mission to address the labor shortage and reduce the cost of automation for companies by innovating how robots are used. We develop flexible collaborative mobile robots that can perform multiple tasks and bring our customers closer to their agility goals. Enabled Robotics is based in Odense, Denmark and is part of the national robot, automation and drone cluster – Odense Robotics. We make it easy for companies to automate internal logistics processes with our ER-FLEX collaborative mobile robot and support from our talented team and distributors.


Developed by Enabled Robotics and EFSEN

Through the COVR project, Enabled Robotics and EFSEN worked together to create a fully operational UV-disinfection cobot for the market. The disinfection of hotspots (e.g., door handles) is made easier by having the robot arm move the UV unit to the target area.
This targeted high-quality disinfection can be performed with relatively low intensity, allowing people to be in close range of the robot during operation. The UV-disinfection cobot solution is suitable for manufacturing, process industry and logistics environments – as well as pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories and hospitals.

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