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Robotic Infrastructure Solutions
Helping you simplify the complexity of Robot Resources
Combining our No1 VAR pedigree with Robotic first skills to guide you in selecting the right balance of connected and secure technology platforms
Robot Center is leveraging Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR’s) to help customers

Increase pace of change

Reduced resources analysis time from days to hours with a digital robotic platform on any WMS system for your business.

Get time back

Honeywell has solved around three FTE hours each day, and spend less than one FTE hour each day checking issues

Reduce cost

One of our areospace customers saved £270K using a AMR deployment and management solution vs traditional temporary staff.

Increase sustainability

Sustainability is the new currency for Robotics decision making and we help our customers ensure their choices balance this with cost, risk and other objectives
Robotics of things cloud that works for you.

The world is now collaborative – and you want to keep up with the pace of change.
Whether you’re already operating a robotic cloud environment or just getting started on your journey, each decision is an opportunity

ROI Marketplace Hub
Opportunities identified, procurement simplified and transformation accelerated. That’s the Robot Center way.
As an ROI Consulting Partner, we are your expert guide to Robotic Marketplace. We deliver a curated catalogue of more than 1,000 robotic technologies alongside an in-house team of technology specialists, top tier vendor accreditations and an extensive partner network. We’ve even devised a range of our own bespoke professional services that are also available through Robot Marketplace to improve your ROI experience.
Robot Center can support you on every stage of your journey




Strong partner relationships have always been at the very heart of Robot Center and we believe are fundamental to offering an objective and expert approach, to deliver best-in-class solutions for you.
“The right balance. The right outcomes. Our Digital Workspace solutions bring together the right technology to meet the needs of your people and your organisation.”
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Advising, designing, delivering and operating a hybrid cloud strategy that pulls together a range of building blocks
Featured Solutions

Data Centre and Private Cloud

Comprehensive solutions across compute, storage, connectivity, hosting, monitoring and management, automation, and data assurance.

Public Cloud

Discover the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy from a cloud aggregator.


Agile connection and networking solutions that cater to your mobile workforce as well as your corporate offices, delivering access to applications from anywhere.


Maximise investment, increase productivity, reduce risk. Our services and advice will help you to achieve the right balance of IT security.